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Organizational Values: The Most Underutilized Corporate Asset – forwarding from Eugene Dilan/Dilan Consulting and Next Concept HR Association

I have provided below a link to an discussion by Eugene Dilan of Dilan Consulting – the discussion is posted to the Next Concept HR Association (previously NCHRA) website. As you know from some of my prior posts, from time to time I am covering the developments of “culture” as an area of executive officer responsibility, board oversight, and enterprise risk management (ERM), and the involvement of HR and possibly of internal and external audit, social media, compliance, and legal counsel, in addition to other people. Mr. Dilan comments that organizational values guard culture, but that this is an underutilized corporate asset.

A side issue or comment, this week I also attended a seminar discussion put on by the Rock Center for Corporate Governance and the Silicon Valley Directors’ Exchange at Stanford University. The topic was “The Board’s Role in Innovation and Strategy.” It was also a very good discussion; however, the discussions did not directly cover values or culture. But it is clear that there is no generally agreed upon standard or amount of involvement for board oversight of areas such as innovation, strategy, values or culture. In fact, whereas, for example, some boards already have innovation or new technologies committees, but this is not anywhere near a standard fact or situation. And although there has been a fair amount of recent talk about oversight of organizational culture, again there are no generally accepted approaches to that oversight.

Below is the link for Eugene Dilan’s discussion about organizational values from the Next Concept HR Association (HR West Blog) – it is recommended reading – and best to you, David Tate, Esq.


And here is the link for Next Concept HR Association – http://www.nchra.org/